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Effective vehicle graphics offer a high impact, affordable way of marketing your business. We do anything from simple cut vinyl graphics to full colour, digitally printed full vehicle wraps. Whether it’s your car, van, lorry, trailer – the list goes on – we can turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement, creating brand awareness on every journey.

At Stripes, we have a dedicated expert team who will consider every aspect of your vehicle graphics, from  the initial design and budget to the finished result. Whether you’re looking for a full vehicle wrap, vinyl vehicle graphics or some simple vehicle stripes, take a look at our services below to find out more on what we offer.

Our Vehicle Graphics Services

Vehicle Wraps

A full vehicle wrap can be an impactful advertising solution for your business as it enables your logo or graphic to be visible from all angles. By fitting your company car or fleet with a vinyl wrap, you can promote your business around the clock. Vinyl wraps also offer the added benefit of being reversible, making them an ideal option for lease vehicles. 

Opting for a colour change vehicle wrap is an effective way to preserve the original paintwork and can result in a higher resale value or give a refreshed look to a worn-out exterior. Our range of colour options is extensive, but you are also welcome to get creative and develop a unique design with the help of our in-house designers.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals offer an efficient advertising solution for corporate vehicles. Vehicle decals are simple to apply and remove, making them a quick and cost-effective signage option for your business. Our team can create, print, and install vinyl lettering and graphics on a wide range of vehicle shapes and sizes, just get in touch with the team to find out more

Don’t forget, decals aren’t just for business use, they’re often used purely for decoration.

Vehicle Stripes

Vehicle stripes are a decorative feature that can be added to a vehicle’s exterior to enhance its appearance. Vehicle stripes can come in various colours, widths, and designs and can be applied to different parts of the vehicle, such as the hood, sides, and rear. Stripes are a fun, creative way to add some personality to your vehicle, so get in touch with the team to get started on a design!

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl vehicle graphics include designs, logos, and text that are created using vinyl material and applied to the exterior or interior of a vehicle. Vinyl vehicle graphics are a popular way to advertise businesses or services as they can easily be customised and applied to cars, lorries, vans, and motorhomes.

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Vehicle Graphics Dorset – Design Process

Our designers will email you a visual illustration of the proposed design on a vehicle outline template to give you a good idea of what the finished product will look like. You can then ask for alterations until you’re happy with the design.

It may be that you already have a design and just need it produced and applied. Created in-house using our printing and plotting machines, we’ll be happy to help. 

So, if you’re considering branding your fleet, or getting some go faster stripes, get in touch and our team will be happy to advise you on vehicle graphics and vinyl vehicle wraps in Poole and Bournemouth.

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Vehicle Graphics

What are vehicle graphics?

Vehicle graphics refer to any type of design or messaging applied to the exterior of a vehicle, such as cars, lorries, vans, buses, or motorhomes. These graphics can be in the form of decals, wraps, or vinyl graphics and are often used for advertising a business, branding, or for personal expression.

How long do vehicle graphics last?

The lifespan of vehicle graphics depend on various factors – The type of vinyl that is used, the level of installation, the environment, and the amount of sunshine exposure all affect how long car graphics last.

Can vehicle graphics be removed?

Yes, vehicle graphics can be removed.

Can vehicle graphics damage the vehicle's paint?

If installed properly, vehicle graphics should not damage the vehicle’s paint. Vehicle graphics can even protect the paint from scratches, chips, and UV rays.

What materials are used for vehicle graphics?

Vinyl is the most commonly used material for vehicle graphics. It comes in various colours, finishes, and types, including cast vinyl, calendared vinyl, reflective vinyl, and perforated vinyl.

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